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Herbs have been utilized for thousands of years to treat a wide range of ailments. As a form of alternative medicine, herbalism offers a less toxic and depleting option to synthetic drugs. The therapeutic, balancing and fortifying actions of herbs make them an ideal choice as complementary medicine to Western medical treatments. Essentially plant-based medicine, herbs provide a safe and effective way to heal from illness and attain optimal health and longevity.

Herbal medicine goes beyond addressing just a diagnosed medical disease or condition. A well-trained, qualified herbalist provides valuable assessments that tailor treatment to the individual. Herbal preparations, formulas and assessment techniques incorporate Western, Ayurvedic, and Chinese herbalism. Drawing from these various systems of herbology, the herbalist creates customized treatments for each person. The goal is to aid the body in its ability to heal through the use of herbs, diet, lifestyle, and appropriate alternative therapies.

Herbal medicine is commonly used for the following ailments:
• Headaches
• Insomnia
• Joint Pains
• Chronic Fatigue
• Menopause
• Poor Digestion
• Acne
• Fertility
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